Everything you wanted to know about computers but were afraid to ask


Your average Computer Science Masters Degree - somewhat condensed.

What are you securing?
From whom?
It’s value?
Resources “they” have?, resources you have?
 Given above what is appropriate effort to secure your system?

Viruses, mal ware and the like
Malware now generally considered worse than viruses, often harder to prevent and remove
I like Malwarebytes, Sophos, F-secure,  & CCleaner for prevention and cleanup

Mac vs Windows
Windows – cheaper, more versatile, less secure, shorter life, more viruses, more maintenance.

Mac – More $, not all programs will run, hardware more elegant – generally better built
BTW You can have run both Windows and Apple’s OSX on a Mac side by side – best of both worlds

The Cloud
Think Google and Google Apps, backups and storage “up there”
Slowly coming into its own. Storage->cheaper and cheaper, Bandwidth faster and faster.

Content Filtering  Protecting  children, your company, (and your elf)
At the pc or at the company firewall?
Tracks who went where when, or who tried to go where & when
How are your companies computer resources  and your employees time being used?
Requires  maintenance
IPCOP, F-secure, Dansguardian, opendns, Barracuda

Backup, Backup, backup
Cloud coming into its own
Buy several USB drives
Give the responsibility to someone who cares

Free (as in Beer) Open Source Software
Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, PDF creator, Libre Office, VLC media player, GIMP, LINUX, FreeNAS
Why it exists? -  Economics, versatility, pride, needed tool


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